Why Kolibri?

Kolibri Marine is an official dealer of Kolibri inflatable boats and accessories, and we are proud to be a Kolibri inflatable boat company partner. We are located in Montreal, and we ship our boats throughout Canada and The United States.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying a boat from us:

  • Kolibri designs and manufactures inflatable boats since 1995. Their boats are sold in over 25 countries, including Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Greece, Israel, Turkey. Kolibri boats can also be purchased in the UK. Over the years, their products have obtained an excellent reputation for quality and durability.
  • Kolibri inflatable boats are made in Europe, more precisely in Ukraine. It is not a "no-name" Asian factory. All boats are built by European standards using European equipment and have stringent quality control.
  • During the manufacturing, Kolibri uses only the latest and the most high-quality technologies for cutting PVC and bonding it together. 
  • All boat equipment, including valves, oars, transoms, etc., is entirely designed and manufactured by Kolibri, using only the highest quality raw materials. 
  • Kolibri produces the largest number of different accessories for inflatable boats among other manufacturers.