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Welcome to Kolibri Marine

Modern inflatable boats and accessories

Meticulously crafted since 1995

Welcome to
Kolibri Marine

Modern inflatable boats
and accessories

Meticulously crafted since 1995

Inflatable boats

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Accessories for inflatable boats

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Inflatable boats trusted by tens of thousands of people worldwide

Since 1995 Kolibri has been designing and manufacturing inflatable boats of the highest quality, using the best available materials. It has established itself as a leader in innovation and design. Being sold in more than 30 countries on three different continents, Kolibri inflatable boats are well known for their extreme durability and eye catching design.

Ukrainian made

Kolibri inflatable boats are manufactured in Ukraine since 1995

Modern and practical design

The stylish, modern look of Kolibri inflatable boats is not only pleasant for your eyes, every element is functionnal and purpose built

Durable and reliable 

Made from the best available materials and with the strictest quality control, Kolibri are boats that you can trust

Discover the different series of Kolibri inflatable boats

Inflatable boats

The Kolibri Standard series inflatable boats

The standard issue, flat bottom inflatable boat. The timeless design and the keel-less construction makes the standard series a perfect as a tender for a bigger boat, or for enjoying time on the water on calm lakes and small rivers.

  • Length: 6'7" - 11'
  • Starting from 1099$ (CAD)
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Unique inflatable watercrafts

The Kolibri Sea Cat series inflatable catamarans

Our latest and most innovative products, the all new KOLIBRI catamarans. Racing inspired, they are faster than regular inflatable boats, are extremely fun to use and are very versatile watercrafts that can be used for different activities on the water.

  • Length: 10' - 14'
  • Starting from 1859$ (CAD)
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Inflatable rowboats

The Kolibri Ultralight series inflatable boats

Our lightest and most compact inflatable rowboats. Made to be as portable as possible. Perfect to access small isolated lakes.

  • Length: 6'3" - 7'6"
  • Starting from 599$ (CAD)
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