Collection: XL series inflatable boats

The boats of the Kolibri inflatable boats XL series have several interesting features, different from the other series. First of all, these boats are wider, which offers more space inside the boat. Also, there is a front bench (330 and 360) which offers more places to sit. Finally, they are the only boats with a keel and the possibility to install an "air-deck" inflatable floor. It reduces the weight of the boat by up to 15 kg (33 lb) compared to the classic aluminum floor.


General Features & Benefits


A durable fabric that will last

Manufactured using only the highest quality PVC fabric, this boat is made to withstand the test of time and years of exposure to the elements. A fabric with a density of 1100g/m2 and 0.9mm thick was chosen as the optimum lightweight yet durable material


Strong seams that that will not fail

Our high-quality fabric would be useless if not held together using the most advanced technique - heat welding. Making your boat reliable on the warmest days and in the biggest waves, year after year


A transom that you can rely on

Made with real, waterprof marine plywood, and mounted using moulded transom holders, the transom on your boat will safely support your outboard motor, adventure after adventure. Its solid construction ensures a proper energy transfer from the outboard, and the long-lasting materials give you a peace of mind


Seats that you can move, or remove

Our movable bench seats allow you to find the best seating position, improve weight distribution, and increase versatility for various activities

Front seat.jpg__PID:5d934355-9ff5-4ccd-b8fe-597c5ea28e75

Front seating space

The 330-360DXL models are equipped with an additional front seat that allows an extra passenger in the front of the boat


Separate chambers that will ensure your safety

The separate chambers will keep the boat on float even if one of them gets damaged, ensuring your safety during unpredictable situations


Sturdy handles for portability

Conveniently located and extremely durable, our boat handles allow you to easily move your boat without worrying about them failing


A strong and secure lifeline

Located on top of the tubes, the lifeline enhances safety in rough conditions, makes getting into the boat from the water easier and allows to secure gear, ensuring a safer and more confident boating experience


A unique oar fixing solution

Developed to modernize and ease the oar installation and removal, our exclusive oar fixing system makes this possible with one push of a button


Effortlessly cut through waves

The inflatable keel on the bottom of the boat gives additional rigidity to the floor and allows the boat to plane on the water


D-ring for easy attaching

Two solid D-rings on the bottom of the boat makes attaching the boat to a trailer, or any other platform as easy as it can be


Adaptability for your outboard

The adjustable transom plate makes possible to slightly raise your outboard motor, to achieve the best on-water performance


Valves that will hold the air in

The Italian-made BRAVO valves make inflating and deflating your boat fast and easy


Safety, no matter the heat

The Kolibri-designed overpressure valves ensure optimal pressure even on the hottest days


Let the water out, in a simple motion

Easily remove the extra water inside your boat using the transom drain valve