Choosing a kolibri inflatable boat

Kolibri Marine offers five different series of inflatable boats that have a solid transom. In order to make the right decision, you should know the difference between them. Here we write the main features of each series, in order to guide you in this not so obvious choice.

Standart series inflatable boats:

  • Flat bottom (no keel), better suited for calm water and engines up to 5 hp
  • Lighter PVC in 300 and 330 models (compared to pro series)
  • Significantly lighter than other models: no keel, lightweight flooring options
  • Inflatable floor available 

Light series inflatable boats:

  • Same shape as SL series, also available in 280 and 300 cm length
  • The PVC used is lighter
  • The flooring is lighter  than SL series

Standard Plus series inflatable boats:

  • Exact same shape as Standart series, except that it has a keel
  • The default flooring is heavier but more robust
  • More lengths available

SeaLine Series inflatable boats:

  • Unique shape that allows more interior space compared to Pro series
  • Include our biggest boats 400 and 450 DSL

XL series inflatable boats:

  • Larger cockpit and bigger tubes compared to other series
  • Comes standart with inflatable floor
  • Has a front bench seat